How can I help support Noob Gamez?

There are multiple ways that you can show your support for Noob Gamez. By simply telling all your friends and gamer buddies about Noob Gamez you will help us to grow into a thriving community. Community is our number one goal here at Noob Gamez, but of course there are expenses involved in hosting the website and game servers. You may leave us a one-time gift or a monthly gift by donating below. You can also help us to generate income by purchasing items from the ads you see throughout the website. All of our servers are completely free to play on, but if you have the desire and ability to support us financially it is greatly appreciated.


Where does your donation and support money go?

There are numerous expenses involved in running game servers. We have our own hardware setup on-site to host all of our games. A large share of the monies received will go to maintaining, upgrading and adding new servers. As we grow the need for additional help in maintaining and monitoring the servers will be needed and your support will help to compensate people for their time. We also have plans of opening up servers for other games depending on what the community is interested in. As time goes on we are intending to release some of our own game productions including plans for a sci-fi/fantasy multi-planet MMO.


How do I donate?

We are now accepting donations via CashApp and Paypal! You may send donations via the CashApp app to $noobgamez or Paypal to You may also click the link below to go to a secure web page to submit your donation via Paypal.






We appreciate you taking the time to check out our website. If you have any questions or comments please direct them to our Contact Us page for answers.


Current Needs?

Our most pressing needs are listed below. All prices listed are the price at the time of adding the items to the list. Your donations help in securing a better experience for all of our users.


32GB RAM - $147.99

Samsung 970 EVO 500GB NVMe PCIe + PCIe NVMe adapter - $147.94

8-Core CPU - $76.95 - Purchased - Thank you Fontaine!