Ark: Survival Evolved Server Network


We are currently running five PVE servers setup in a cluster.

The Island, The Center, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, Aberration and Extinction servers allow for transferring of your characters, items and dinos between them. This allows you and your tribe to span across all five servers.


In the future as we expand our server setup we will be launching a PVP cluster as well as Hardcore PVE and PVP clusters.


What is a cluster server?

A cluster server is a server setup allowing multiple ark servers to be connected. This gives you the ability to upload and download you characters, dinos and items between all of the arks on the cluster.


How do I upload and download my characters, dinos and items between servers?To upload and download your characters, dinos and items between servers you must access either a obelisk/terminal or a supply drop. You will see a tab labeled "Creatures" where you can upload and download creatures. To move your character you click where it says "Transfer character to another server." You cannot transfer items on your dinos. In order to move your items including dino saddles you must either carry them on your character or upload them into the terminal or supply drop.